About Us

Modern-day Professional Solutions for Modern-day Corporate Risks


Our mission

Inner Circle is the leading Provider of Investigation and Corporate Intelligence services in South Eastern Europe, particularly in Greece and Cyprus.

Our technical experience and training as well as our wide network of associates with background in different intelligence and risk management sectors, makes Inner Circle the main choice for individuals and corporations looking for thorough and discreet research services.

Our methodology involves collecting information from several sources which are then verified, reduced and analyzed. Through this process we compile the complete pattern of each case. Combining open source intelligence (digital information, public records, social engineering, etc.) along with discreet investigative practices and principles, leads us to a thorough and firm conclusion on the tasks at hand.

Nothing is left to assumption, leaving no grey areas. Our clients receive a detailed report, thus enabling them to make precise, well timed and informed decisions.

Due to the nature of our services, each client has unique requests and challenges. Therefore, our Client Relationships Department will go through an in-depth private meeting in order to understand your needs and expectations. All information is then assessed and a tailor made solution is suggested.

Customer satisfaction is of the outmost importance for us and we will never accept a case where the results might be lower than expected.

We work legally, ethically and we deliver what we promise.

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