Corporate Intelligence Services


Inner Circle is the leading Provider of Investigation and Corporate Intelligence services in South Eastern Europe, particularly in Greece and Cyprus. Our technical experience and training as well as our wide network of associates with background in different intelligence and risk management sectors, makes Inner Circle the main choice for individuals and corporations looking for thorough and discreet research services.


Corporate Investigations

We handle internal fraud issues, information leaks, competitors’ connections with government officials, cartels and any other unlawful business practices

Background checks

Be it a potential executive employee, a start-up founder or anyone in general with whom you are planning to cooperate, we do the research for you, so that you are certain about your choice

People and asset tracing

Our vast network of partners, enables us to locate people like debtors of unknown address or family members who have gone missing, as well as assets that have been stolen, lost or are eligible for confiscation in case of legal dispute/claims


We conduct a wide and multi-level investigation with the highest standards of care, providing our customers with a pitched, bespoke and cost effective report before going on with any business agreement

Litigation support

We provide specialized services to legal offices like evidence tracing and recorded communication analyses giving them the upper hand in a court procedure

Brand Protection

Using specific cutting-edge software, we monitor and track online market places, social media, advertisements and other sales channels where there are counterfeit or unauthorized sales of your products. With physical presence, we locate warehouses, transportation means, and distribution and sales networks of counterfeit brands

Market insight

With deep market and competition analyses, we mitigate the risks involved in any business decision. We present the full spectrum of competitors’ market shares, potential barriers, special conditions, etc.

Special Projects

In cooperation with specialized partners like cyber security companies, forensic labs, psychiatrists, coroners, and other, we offer the below services :

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